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Contact Us

If you would like to inform us of an error please email us. If you would like to submit a story idea to the editors then please use the link at the bottom by clicking the "Submit a Story" button at the bottom of our website. Make sure that you include your name and grade when sending us an email or submitting a story. 

The EHS Messenger official email is

You may also contact our advisor at

Use this form to submit a letter to to our editors to be published. Please keep in mind that when you submit a letter to the editors, we reserve the right to edit that letter in order clarify and/or shorten it (not to change the meaning).

Use this form to submit any event ideas or clubs activities that you would like our staff to cover in a story or through photographs. 

Use this form to submit an East High alumni that our staff could potenially

interview and write a story on.

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