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  • Nicole Myers, reporter

Ace Activists: Black Lives Matter Movement

There are activists around the world, in our state, in our community, and within our school at East. In these difficult times there are many people going to protests and signing petitions to demand social or political justice.

Char Valentine, soph., is an activist. She has signed many petitions, gone to multiple protests, and uses her social media to inform and encourage others to make a change. The first protest Valentine attended was for George Floyd. At the protest they listened to speakers, marched in honor of Floyd, and chanted “no justice, no peace.”

“We were standing for black lives, we were supporting and advocating for the black lives matter movement,” Valentine said.

They weren’t just standing and demanding justice for Floyd, but also for any other persons of color killed by the police, they were standing for black lives.

“I don’t see myself as some sort of savior, I see myself as a person of color standing with other people of color and demanding that they be treated equally, that we are all treated as one race, the human race,” says Valentine, demanding change.

Cam Hodge, soph., is another activist. She has gone to two protests and has signed several petitions, specifically for black lives matter and police brutality. She is also using her social media to spread awareness, it is a key factor in what she does for activism.

“All these years, innocent people of color get murdered by the hands of law enforcement, and people (especially people in power) just brush it off as if nothing ever happened. This year, finally, police brutality is broadcasted,” Hodge said.

In these difficult times we have seen a significantly greater number of people trying to make a change. People are continuing to fight and are demanding change for unresolved conflicts, for victims that have not received true justice, and for discrimination against certain groups of people. This is the year for change.

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