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  • Busra Yildirim, reporter

Ace's Art Exhibition: Destiny Mitchell's "Soul Dancer"

Destiny Mitchell, sr. -“Soul Dancer”

Acrylic paint and pixie glass

“For this piece I was thinking about seeing yourself in a mirror and the way light hits and you can see a shadow on the wall. I wanted to make these come together and make some emotion to it. A lonely girl dancing with her shadow is the only way to make her happy while she is in a dark time of her life. Seeing through color, I used a decent sized canvas and acrylic paint. Everyone has a color that makes them happy. For example, mine is grey but to others they may have more than one. Color makes up how a person is, their personality, how they dress, and how they interact with people. Seeing through colors is seeing through a person's life and how they are.”

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