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  • Ellie Anderson, reporter

Ace's Opinions On In-Person Learning Return

The Board of Education decided on Jan. 13 that students would return to school with a blended learning model starting on the first day of the second semester, Jan. 25. This means that the students who chose to go back to school in person will have to start getting prepared for the new hybrid schedule. With students out of in-person classes for almost a year, this is going to be an adjustment for all.

Cecelia Jowdy, soph.

“I’ve missed the social aspect of school so I’m pretty excited to go back. I’m definitely excited to see my teachers and friends in person and luckily most of my friends who are going back are on the same day as me. It took a while, but I adjusted to online school well even though it was harder to stay focused. Going back will definitely be a lot different since we have to wear masks all day, limited socializing and social distancing. Either way I’m excited and I think the transition will go well for me.”

Alex Griffith, sr.

“I understand the want, but I am not excited to go back and still be logging on to Teams. I do think that waking up and having a set schedule will be beneficial for people's mental health, including me. I am also excited to see some friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, however I am a little worried about the rise in cases so I honestly might go for a few days and decide afterwards what I’d like to do. I adjusted well to online school this year, but as the year continues it gets harder to stay motivated. There are going to be several regulations that are going to be annoying to follow, but I do think that it will benefit students who have been struggling more than me with online learning. Hopefully with a teacher in the room it will solve some of the issues that students have been experiencing.”

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