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  • Busra Yildirim, reporter

Aces in Quarantine

Quarantine has been implemented into our daily routine; from wearing masks to keeping a social distance from those around us. It has been a big transition for many students. Going from rushing to the bus at seven in the morning, to waking up five minutes before a Teams call. Many students note how they thought of quarantine as an “extended” spring break. As time progressed, many realized the reality of the whole situation: going back to school seemed like an unlikely situation. A few Aces were interviewed and expressed their feelings about quarantine.

“Over quarantine, I found a few new hobbies and spent more time with my family. My favorite part about it was having more time to focus on myself and not having to stress over school. My least favorite part was not getting to see any of my friends and having the first year of high school online. A few things I tried were gaming and drawing, and they’ve both become new hobbies of mine. Now, I’ve gotten more used to quarantining and doing assignments from home, and FaceTiming my friends to keep in touch. Right when quarantine ends, I definitely want to go out with my friends to make up for the time we lost together.”

-Ameera Gofur, fr.

“Over quarantine I mostly stayed inside and watched a lot of YouTube. I liked the early summer at first, but after a bit, it got pretty boring being inside all the time. When quarantine started, I didn’t think it would be too bad, but now, I think quarantine is just continually boring days. When I get out of quarantine, the first thing I will do is go see people I haven’t seen in a while.” -Xander Niblack, soph.

“During quarantine I feel like I did a lot more than I expected. I participated in NSDA and got a job. I also spent a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying the free time. I think my favorite part of quarantine was getting a job. It gave me a sense of independence and an income. My least favorite part was probably not seeing my friends. During quarantine to be safe I didn’t see any of my friends, and since I am a social person it got hard sometimes. I didn’t really get into any new things. I think quarantine is definitely needed and people should continue to practice social distancing. The first thing I am going to do when I get out of quarantine and it is safe is to see my friends.”

-Anjali Singh, jr.

“Over quarantine I watched a lot of tiktok, anime, and started to go on daily runs in my neighborhood which is basically the only time I went outside. My favorite part was getting time to myself to do things I couldn’t do when school was in session like watching anime and my shows and getting to see how big my chickens have grown over these past few months. My least favorite part was being away from friends and not being able to spend time with anyone, unless it was at a distance, but it was still very different from before where we got to be next to each other and getting to see them without a mask. Something new for me was that I started to raise some chickens during this time which is kind of odd to have, but I think they’re really cool and don't worry they’re friends not food! I've gotten used to wearing a mask outside and being precautious about what I’m doing now, but everything going on now just feels normal since we've been doing this for about half a year now. Once quarantine is over I’m going to hangout with all my friends that I haven’t seen in the longest and try to go to all the places I've been waiting to go to since everything has been shut down or there’s a limited amount of people allowed inside, but I just want to go somewhere and have some fun!”

-Aklima Ahsan, sr.

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