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  • Ellie Anderson, reporter

Apple Releases New Update, Allows for Creativity and Personalization

In June, Apple released an introduction to their newest update which would be available in September and it led to great anticipation from Apple customers.

On September 16 Apple released iOS 14, one of the biggest updates the company has ever done. Almost instantly people started sharing on social media how they were loving the new update, mostly showing how they have updated their home screens with some of the new features.

The most popular part of the update was what Apple is calling widgets. iPhone users can now add widgets to their home screen. Widgets are a bigger version of an app that acts as a shortcut to users' favorite programs.

The new update allowed for a lot of creativity. It quickly became a trend on TikTok to make a video showing off a person’s new homescreen. It was all about how aesthetically pleasing and cleverly designed a person could make their phone screen.

Jordan Bruckner, soph., quickly jumped on the trend spending an hour and a half designing one page of her home screen. Her inspiration was fall and Halloween.

“I love this time of year and I was super excited for the new update to come out so I could make a fun background,” Bruckner said.

Bruckner added widgets to her first page going along with the color scheme of Halloween and fall, filling and organizing her page with orange, purple, black, and grey items.

“It’s super fun,” Bruckner said. “My fall pictures switch every five minutes to different ones and so when I open my phone, it’s a new picture every time.”

Brooke Tholen, sr., organized her phone screen in a much more simplistic way, putting widgets of some of her favorite things in life.

Tholen has four pages all together. Each one having their own special theme.

“My first page is my super important apps I use daily,” Tholen said. “Then on my second page, I have two widgets of [my boyfriend] Daylan Jones. One of my favorite pictures of him and then another one of my favorites of the two of us.”

Her third screen has a widget of daily reminders for herself and then the last page is dedicated to pictures of her two dogs and then Jones’ dog.

The iOS14 update leaves room for personalized pages and lots of original ideas. This update has been widely successful and many people are huge fans of the changes, especially the widgets.

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