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  • Ellie Anderson, reporter

Ariana Grande Releases New Album "Positions"

Ariana Grande released her album, “Positions”, on Oct. 30. Her album was unexpected, fans hearing that she was releasing music only a few weeks before through Tweets from Grande herself. Her Tweet on Oct. 14 read: “Can’t wait to give u my album this month.” This made fans very excited and eagerly anticipating the release date.

This is Grande's sixth studio album, the third in three years. The album consists of 14 songs and features Doja Cat, Ty Dolla $ign, and the Weeknd. After her most popular album to date, “Thank U, Next”, Grande had to make this album special.

“Positions” is the most mature and explicit album that she has released yet. Along with the album drop she released a music video to the song that is called ‘Positions’ and it gave a very empowering message.

The lyrics in all the songs introduce that Grande is entering a new stage of life and is finding a different direction to base her music career on. After releasing her last album, her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller passed away and she broke up with her fiancé, Pete Davidson. Grande is now in a new relationship with Dalton Gomez. Her new album reveals that she is scared to fall in love again, but has also found comfort in letting her guard down.

Jazmyne Le, sr., has been a fan of Grande since she played the character ‘Cat’ on the Nickelodeon show, “Victorious”. She got her first album on CD and then saw her in concert in 2015.

“I think she’s extremely talented vocally and I love the style of music she makes,” Le said.

Much like many other Grande fans, Le was a fan of the album and recognized the growth and maturity. She thinks that these new songs have allowed her to showcase her vocals more and has a good variety of songs.

“Some of my favorite songs are ‘off the table’, ‘just like magic’, and ‘pov,’” Le said. “I think this album shows a lot of healing and has a good mix of fun along with reflection.”

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