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  • Hannah Ho, reporter

Astroworld Disaster: Importance of Concert Safety

On Nov. 5, Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival ended up as a tragedy. The Astroworld Festival was sold out and so tightly packed that many concertgoers struggled to breathe.

Although the festival was sold out, many of Scott’s fans pushed past the barricades and bypassed security. Things became more chaotic as Scott began to perform.

Many fans from the back began to push and shove others as an attempt to get to the front, closer to Scott. This created a disaster as concertgoers began to get more chaotic. People were shoving, pushing, crushing others, and causing many people to suffocate.

The air in the atmosphere was so thick and heavy because of all the tightly packed bodies, and those who needed water could not get any because there were limited water bottle stations with long lines.

As people began to suffocate, many bodies began to drop, and bodies were getting stomped on. The crowd was doing what Scott told them to do which was “rage” which encouraged concertgoers to jump and stomp.

While the concertgoers were “raging” their arms were going up. Once their arms went up, it was almost impossible to put them back down because of the wave of people that were trying to rush to the front.

Ambulances attempted to make their way through the crowd but struggled because of how close people were to each other. Those who were passed out and were having seizures were not able to seek medical attention and continued to get injured as they fell to the ground.

Even after numerous injuries and deaths were reported, Scott failed to stop the show, resulting in more deaths and injuries.

As young adults, many people attend concerts and festivals seeking a thrill. It is important to have water at all times and to prioritize safety.

Be aware of your surroundings and if you see someone in need of help, reach out and spread the message. Instead of going to concerts alone, always go with a group of friends and stick together.

No concert is worth dying for, and always be mindful of those around you.

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