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  • Elseigh Callstron, reporter

BOE Extends Fall Break

The USD 259 Board of Education (BOE) voted 6-0 on Nov. 16 to amend the 2020-2021 school calendar so that students and staff will get two additional days off the week of Thanksgiving.

This decision was made due to the rising corona-virus numbers in both the country and county, with local hospitals having reached capacity and the issue of not having sufficient substitutes for absent teachers due to quarantine or sickness.

These are valid reasons, and East students see even more positives for an extension to this much-needed break.

Uri Loux, fr., is excited for the break as they share their opinion, “I think it’s really cool!” Loux said.

“Mental health gets so low so quickly, so I think having regular breaks is like a really good thing.”

Rana Kreinath, soph., is also thrilled about the BOE decision, and already has some ideas for what she will do with the extra time.

“I’ll read, I’ll relax, I’ll go outside, I’ll do stuff that I wouldn't normally [have time to] do on a regular day,” Kreinath said. “Getting a week off is like exactly the type of break we need for this online school situation because it’s just a lot more straining.”

Kreinath brings up a valid point: In such a chaotic and stressful time, a long break from school may be just what everyone deserves.

The BOE continues to urge the community to follow CDC guidelines and stay home.

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