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  • Busra Yildirim, reporter

Christmas in Quarantine

Christmas is considered one of the happiest times of the year by many Americans. Singing Christmas music with loved ones, anticipating gift exchanges, and hosting delightful parties are the most joyful parts of Christmas.

Although most people will be in quarantine and social distancing during the holiday season, Santa will be roaming around giving gifts. In order to ensure that he and his gift recipients are not at risk of corona, people must follow guidelines.

Individuals should make sure that they order online as much as possible. Shopping online is the safest option due to the low risk it presents. People do not come into contact with the salesmen and can easily send the package to the receiver without coming in contact. Shoppers need to make sure that they purchase the product as quickly as they can since there will be more consumers shopping online. Once the package arrives, there should be no contact with the delivery man and the gift should get disinfected.

If individuals decide to shop in-person, they need to make sure that they go as early as possible. Stores will be packed and the lines will be longer due to the customer limit stores enforce. The safest times to go are when the store opens, before the store closes, or on weekdays when people are typically at school or work.

CDC guidelines should be followed when shopping for essential items. Although Christmas gifts are not considered essential, the guidelines could be applicable. According to the CDC, individuals should: wear a mask, maintain a six feet distance, use hand sanitizer before entering a store and after leaving a store, and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after you arrive at your home.

Many safe activities could be done with family and friends in order to keep the Christmas spirit during the pandemic. These activities should be done while following the gathering limit guidelines and keeping social distance.

Creating a Zoom call is an option for those who want to connect with loved ones during Christmas. This will allow people to create Christmas memories while also staying safe. Another option is going to the Botanica Garden and looking at Christmas lights through the drive-in. Cooking and baking Christmas treats and watching Christmas movies is an option to consider to do with family.

The most important aspect of this Christmas is to make sure that loved ones stay safe.

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