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  • Claire Ebersole, editor

Football Gets Win and New School Record

With a season-opening 80-0 win, the Blue Aces started out with a bang. Not only was it a win, but also a new school record.

“We were ready for that game,” Daylan Jones, sr., said. “We haven’t played in nine months and we just wanted to show everyone why we wanted our season this year and so far I think we’re proving that.”

This Monday night's game was the first of a long-awaited season that almost didn't happen.

“It felt great to be back,” Kolby Tibbets, sr., said. “Having my senior season stripped away was one of the worst feelings and then to watch the school board meeting and hear that sports were coming back only pushed me and my team to go harder this year. It can still be stripped at any point in time.”

Jones agrees and says the team is more focused than ever knowing that their season can be taken away from them at any moment.

This game against North made the statement the team wanted to make, that they are changing the way people think about East football.

“We all have the same goal this year,” Jones said. “That we’re going to make it to state this year.”

Tibbets says that the team's biggest change this year is their mentality.

“We are stronger than ever, and I have confidence in our team to go out there and do our jobs,” Tibbets said.

On Monday night the team successfully did just that.

“The best moment of the game was first drive offense,” Tibbets said. “The feeling of being back on the field, under the lights, ready to fight for the win.”

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