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  • Hannah Ho, reporter

Kansas Snow Storm Increase Climate Anxiety

In the first week of February, Wichita, Kansas has already experienced a winter snow storm with sleet and snow.

Just two days before this unexpected snow storm, the temperatures were in the mid to high sixties. After experiencing this unexpected snow storm, Kansas temperatures return to normal.

There were over 300 car accidents within 12 hours of the snowstorm. During the day, it was raining which caused a layer of ice to be formed when temperatures dropped at night. On top of the ice were inches of snow, making it hard for drivers to drive and brake in time.

The cause for this climate change could be anything but global warming plays a huge role.

Over the past couple of years, temperatures have been crazy. Each winter gets less and less cold, random snowdays, and temperatures in the low seventies in winter. Some could say the result of this would be because of “Kansas bipolar weather” but the main reason would be global warming.

Global warming is becoming a bigger problem every year. High temperatures in the middle of the winter season is not normal. Climate change not only affects us but it affects animals and marine life as well.

Not many people are aware of how global warming could impact us in the long run because they are used to living how they usually live. Global warming is caused by human actions.

The oceans warm due to an increasing global temperature, seawater expands—taking up more space in the ocean and causing a rise in water level.

According to, sea levels have risen 8-9 inches since 1880. Ice sheets and glaciers have been melting at a dramatic rate, causing many arctic animals to not have homes.

As long as the glaciers are melting, the sea levels will rise causing small islands to submerge and many animals and crops will die leading to a food shortage.

Learning about global warming can help prevent any major issues that could impact us in the future. Taking little steps like turning off electricity when not in use, not wasting water and recycling can help us and our planet be better.

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