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Letter from the Editors


Welcome back Blue Aces! In these times of uncertainty we are very excited to say that we will still be bringing “The Messenger” to you this school year through a brand new website. With technology and digital news being an important part of our daily lives, it only seems fit that we, too, move to a digital platform. Not only are we excited to bring so many more stories to our fellow East High students and staff, but we are also extremely grateful to be able to establish a sense of “normalcy” during these difficult times. By continuing to share stories, we are able to stay connected until we can all meet face-to-face again. From the entire East High Messenger staff, we are here to tell you that no matter what, we will continue the East High tradition of providing you with all the latest news, editorials, movie reviews, and even a center solely dedicated to the COVID-19 Crisis. Look forward to the stories coming to you soon, and remember that even in the toughest of times, we will always Fly Together.

-The EHS Messenger 20-21 Editors


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