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  • Daniel Peaden, reporter

New Board of Education Decision

USD 259’s BOE voted Monday, Nov. 30 in a 6-0 motion for all students to go full remote starting Wednesday, Dec. 2. Previously, Kindergarten to 5th grade students were participating in in-person, on site schooling. However, due to the rising number of cases in Sedgwick county, the board made the decision to shift the paradigm once again for the sake of safety.

“The numbers have gone up dramatically,” Board President Sherill Logan told KSN News. “We can’t just continue on this way and keep our schools rolling so we need our community to help us and step up.”

Additional information was shared with elementary families on Dec. 1 relating to learning plans, tech support, and food service. In terms of teachers, United Teachers of Wichita (UTW) president Kimberly Howard expressed relief regarding the decision.

“It brings relief, with our numbers being so high in the community, we really needed to go remote Pre-K through 12, so there’s relief with that and there’s also relief that our staff will be able to work from home for the most part,” said Howard.

Students will remain in this full remote model until further notice, with the status of cases being reevaluated at a Jan. 11, 2021 board meeting. The East High Messenger staff will provide updates accordingly.

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