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  • Salsabilla Attaria, reporter

New Instagram Account Provides Platform for Wichita Artists

Wichita’s population is full of individuals who create unique art to add beauty to the community, especially among the youth. Recently, two East High students have taken it upon themselves to encourage and connect artists in the ICT area , despite the obstacles the pandemic presents.

Chi Tran, jr., and Lizuly Meraz-Dosal, jr., have created an online platform through Instagram to share the art of youth from all over Wichita. Tran enjoys creating colorful peices that often feature sketches of people, while Meraz-Dosal leans towards photography and photo editing.

“I would spend a lot of my time editing photos or photographing buildings, nature, and cars,” Meraz-Dosal said. “And the photos never went anywhere, they just stayed on my phone or laptop.”

The account, @ictartstudio on Instagram, is accepting submissions of art in all forms to share the creations of youth all over Wichita. Submissions can be made by creators of any skill level by either tagging the account or sending a DM.

“We’re planning to do weekly features where artists get to display their art, explain their creative process, and tell us about their work,” Tran said. “We aim for participation from artists all around the Wichita area and not just East.”

The account is geared towards establishing connections and community by introducing Wichita artists to each other.

“There are countless talented kids in the ICT area who keep their art to themselves,” Meraz-Dosal said. “I feel that the account would allow them to interact with other kids that share similar interests that they would not have met normally.”

With the lack of art shows, exhibitions, and in-person art class, an online platform became the perfect solution.

Platforms like our account are accessible and have a generally wide reach,” Tran said. “That’s become so important now that we’re all separated from each other. It’s a way for us to connect, inspire, and appreciate!”

Cover photo: Photograph by Lizuly Meraz-Dosal, jr.

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