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  • Busra Yildirim, reporter

Predicted Fashion Trends for 2021

Every year new fashion trends are introduced. Some of these trends become a permanent part of people’s wardrobes, while others quickly enervate.

There are different ways that fashion trends are established. They can be derived from fashion runways, fashion bloggers, celebrities, and social media

Fashion looks are often inspired by popular designers who inspire runway looks for Fashion Week events in Milan, Paris, and New York. Many individuals enjoy the new fashion designs presented in the runways due to their eccentric styling. This inspires many people to adapt those pieces into their wardrobes.

For example, colored leather swept the fashion industry in many of the 2020 runways. Many designers used ethical means to design the leather. This grabbed the attention of many people and caused a splurge in colorful leather jackets.

Fashion bloggers also develop and help set trends. They are in the frontlines of the fashion industry and make sure to report and put together outfits that are in demand. Many people follow fashion bloggers for tips and new perspectives. Ashley Rous, also known as bestdressed on her YouTube channel, is known for her fashion and lifestyle posts. She caused a surge in thrifting after posting videos and pictures with thrifted items.

Celebrities are highly influential figures when it comes to the fashion industry. Since many of them are idolized and have a major brand name, companies often use celebrities as ambassadors and faces of their brand. Some fans immediately purchase the items that celebrities endorse or wear.

Bella Hadid, runway model, started many trends that swept social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Fashion staples that Bella Hadid has introduced are tiny sunglasses, baggy pants, leather jackets, and bucket hats.

Social media platforms are used to create a connection with consumers and also to create an online presence. Many influencers gain momentum by posting their unique styles and creating a surge in certain styles.

Social media apps such as Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram have a high presence in the fashion industry due to the different aesthetics that suit an individual’s interest. Emma Chamberlain, Luiza Cordery, Amanda Marie, and many more have influenced fashion trends with their Instagram posts.

There are many trends that are gaining momentum in 2021. Second-skin tops have been appearing in many of the new season’s runways. These tops can be utilized in many different ways ranging from wearing them as tops underneath short sleeves to pairing them with skirts.

Utility vests have been trending for their unique look when paired with jeans. Many individuals wear it on top of an outerwear or sweater.

During 2020, neutral-toned colors gained a lot of popularity. It is predicted that the bubblegum pink color will make a comeback as a bold and unique color in 2021.

Loose and baggy trousers have been circulating since last year. Many fashion bloggers believe that it will gain more popularity this year since it has appeared in many of the spring runways.

Checkerboard prints and animal prints continue to gain more attention. Many designers include the print on clothing items and accessories.

White knee-high boots have been appearing in many runway looks and photoshoots due to its chic look. Many stylists like to combine it with mini dresses and skirts.

Pop-blue accessories with monochrome outfits have been paired up with monochrome outfits in order to give more variety in outfits. It is recommended to wear the flashy accessory with a black or gray outfit to create contrast.

The upcoming fashion trends either diverge or build on the trends from 2020. Many designers also started to include masks as a part of the outfits creating a new era of fashion.

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