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  • Claire Ebersole, editor

President Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump and the First Lady tested positive for Coronavirus on Oct. 1. They were both tested for the virus after Hope Hicks tested positive. This raises anxiety for people who work in the White House and who have been around the President, but also raises many questions about how this will affect the 2020 election.

News sources have reported that Trump has mild symptoms including being lethargic, and has been for a few days. He was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and has been undergoing treatment there. Since he is in the higher risk category because of his age and his weight, the White House doctor will continue to monitor with extra vigilance.

According to his doctors, on Friday Trump had a high fever and his blood oxygen levels dropped twice. He is undergoing a five-day antiviral treatment as well as being prescribed Dexamethasone, a steroid usually used for patients with severe illnesses. It is used to fight an immune system overreaction that has killed other COVID-19 patients.

Trump has been pushing his doctors to allow him to be discharged earlier. He even was driven across the street from the hospital where supporters were.

This changes the course for Trump and his campaigning plans. Recently he has been campaigning vigorously, holding many rallies- most without masks- and many other events in preparation for the upcoming election. President Trump’s health will impact everyone.

There have been many questions about what will happen with the next Presidential debates, especially with the Vice Presidential debate coming up on Oct. 6. Vice President Pence has plans to still attend campaign events held in AZ and FL.

Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden have tested negative but they have said that they did not learn of their exposure until the news came out via news sources. Their whole team and themselves have experienced major exposure but they did not receive a heads up. This generated anxiety within the Biden campaign.

President Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tested positive and has said that she will be quarantining. Two more members of the press team also tested positive which was a reminder that the virus will continue to spread even beyond the White House itself.

The White House does say that they are continuing to do contract tracing. If the president does become more sick and is not able to do his job, under the 25th Amendment he can transfer his power to Vice President Pence while he recovers.

Updated news is being pushed out about the President's health status, some of which are conflicting. It is known that Trump is eager to leave the hospital, but his health condition is speculative.

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