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  • Sofia Rivera, reporter

Seniors Transition to Their College Career

It’s that time of year when seniors have to answer the big question about college. It can be overwhelming to say the least, deciding to stay in state or go out of state, how to pay the tuition and fees, etc. However, it’s not all dreadful.

For Sierra Flanigan, sr., her college search has been “difficult in terms of finding the right scholarships for [her] that are actually legitimate.”

Flanigan further commented that she had been offered scholarships from Wichita State University and Butler Community College, but accepted the Health Science scholarship from McPherson College.

Searching for the right college has given Flanigan an open mind in terms of location, various majors to consider, and deciphering if the cost of tuition really matters. Seeing as she is close with her mother and sister, going out of state was not an option for her.

A huge role that factors into narrowing down seniors college search are the activities and sports they provide. This allows them to get involved and familiar with the new school atmosphere, allowing them to make new friends and explore themselves as a young adult.

“I am interested in softball as well as art, so I would like to attend a school that provides those activities,” Flanagan said.

She is looking forward to learning extensive information in the medical field since she will be majoring in health science and a possible minor in pre-med. Flanigan hopes to meet new people since she hasn’t visited McPherson much.

“I am not looking forward to the process of moving out of my home in Wichita to McPherson on my own,” Flanagan exclaimed when discussing the location of her college choice.

Entering university or college as a freshman can be overwhelming and scary for some students and exciting for others. It is hard to anticipate how the transition from high school to college will look like.

Flanigan has been involved with a program called Advancement Via Individual Determination, this has helped her prepare for college. AVID helps students have a better understanding of college and what to expect.

“I have spent the past five years preparing for college through college visits, spending nights searching for different majors and careers, practicing time management and organization,” said Flanigan.

All of the skills Flanigan mentioned are key skills to practice, ensuring a smoother transition to college in the near future and having a great experience as a freshman.

The search for the right college is not an easy journey for many seniors. There are always going to be obstacles to overcome when considering college and stressful times. However, this journey will be one to remember and one to look forward to.

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