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  • Ava Toebe, reporter

Taylor Impresses, evermore

Taylor Swift shocked and thrilled Swifties this week by revealing she would be releasing her album "evermore" which claims to be a sister album or an extension of "folklore" which dropped just five short months ago.

Swift said she “just couldn’t stop writing songs” after "folklore" and continued the theme of storytelling. She addresses new characters’ stories that tie in her own personal experiences with youth, love, and escapism.

While her indie sound from "folklore" carried over, like always Swift has explored new sounds and genres. In this ninth album, she brings back her roots by adding accents of country sounds and instruments.

She continued to work with the same writers and collaborative artists and they managed to release another beautiful folk record. Swift’s songwriting partner, Aaron Dessner, sent her a 1950s guitar and she said that the timbre of the instrument had a great effect on the overall sound of the sister records.

She was able to execute her time well during quarantine to do what she does best: songwriting. This time was an escape from the constant touring and publicity she had dealt with since she was a teen.

Within her two recent albums it is obvious that her work has matured. It seems throughout Swift’s career she has become less fixated on crafting the perfect album and is able to spontaneously drop her work.

Swift said that she always looked forward to turning 31 because it was her lucky number, 13, backwards. For her birthday this December, she wanted to give back to her fans with a surprise album and music video for the opening song "Willow".

Swifties are incredibly grateful for Taylor’s work throughout 2020 because this year was a dry spell for so many artists. Although Swift says that she is not sure what is next for her, she truly lives up to the line in "Willow," “I come back stronger than a ‘90s trend.”

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