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  • Salsabila Attaria, reporter

Teen Vogue Recognizes East High Campus

On Sept. 20 2017, online newspaper Teen Vogue posted an article titled “Most Beautiful Public High Schools in the United States” written by Stefanie Waldeck. Although written four years ago, students and alumni of East High School have been circulating the article on social media recently. The story featured ten schools from across the nation with unique campuses, as selected by magazine Architectural Digest.

Interestingly, Wichita’s own EHS topped the list with the description “The Collegiate Gothic–style campus (which spans 44 acres) is home to this public high school, with the building seen here built in 1923.”

As the largest and one of the oldest high school buildings in Kansas, East’s campus already has a lot to show off. Waldeck’s article adds to the rich history of the building EHS students know and love.

“I was surprised that it happened,” Ahmad Jesri, sr., said. “I was glad that a school like ours was recognized at a national level.”

The almost century-old building holds many architectural features that set it apart from other school buildings, such as the high-ceilinged hallway connecting East and West buildings. The antique design of the stairways and clocktower in East building play a huge part in setting the school apart from more recently built schools.

The different parts of the building offer many options for students to study, talk with friends, and eat lunch during the school day. Because of this, many students find themselves attached to a certain part of EHS as their time at the school goes on.

“I absolutely love the breezeway between the East classrooms and the Science Wing,” said Jennie Nguyen, jr. “I miss being able to walk through that hallway right after sunrise. The breezeway also has gorgeous wide windows, and I loved watching the seasons change through them.”

Although new sections of the school such as the second gym or theatre are more recently established, EHS retains its history by keeping the older East building. The differences seen between the new and old parts of the building represent the progress of EHS through the years and how the building grows with the world around it.

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