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  • Mia Young, reporter

Zayn and Gigi Hadid Welcome Their Baby Girl

Former One Direction band member and current solo artist Zayn Malik met supermodel Gigi Hadid at a Victoria Secret Fashion show in 2015 and dating rumors began to spark soon after. They made their relationship official in an Instagram post later that year after being spotted walking out of a restaurant in LA holding hands.

Gigi even appeared in Zayn's music video for his hit single “Pillowtalk” in Jan. 2016. The couple seemed to have a good relationship, going on vacations with Hadid's family, and attending large celebrity events together such as the Met Gala.

That was until March of 2018, when the couple announced their breakup on Twitter. The breakup was short-lived, and the couple was spotted only a month later kissing in New York. When asked about their relationship status, Zayn said he and Hadid did not feel the need to label their relationship. A few months later, Hadid posted a picture of the couple together on her Instagram story, confirming their relationship to the public once again.

With the new year came yet another breakup of the iconic couple. A news outlet announced they were spending time apart in January of 2019. Later in the year, a source from E! News revealed that the couple was not dating, but had begun to talk to each other more often.

Dating rumors resurfaced in December of 2019 and January of 2020 when the couple was spotted together multiple times. On Valentine's Day of this year, Hadid confirmed their relationship, posting a picture of Zayn on her Instagram and captioning it “HEY VALENTINE Z on the farm Dec. 2019.”

Pregnancy rumors began to spread in April 2020 and in May, Hadid’s mother confirmed the rumors on a Dutch news program, saying she was, “excited to become an oma in September.”

The next day, Hadid appeared on the “Late Late Show with Jimmy Fallon,” and was congratulated on her pregnancy, where she said the couple wished they could have announced it on their own terms, but they were still very excited about the baby they would be welcoming in September.

The couple seems to have stayed isolated with Hadid’s sister, Bella Hadid, and her mother Yolanda Hadid, celebrating Gigi’s 25th birthday on April 23.

No additional news had been released on the pregnancy until Zayn posted on his Instagram and Twitter a picture of their daughter's hand wrapped around his finger, with the caption “Our baby girl is here, healthy and beautiful,” along with a small paragraph about the love he has for his new daughter on September 23.

About an hour later, Gigi also posted on her Instagram a picture of the baby's hand with hers, captioning it “Our girl joined us earth-side this weekend and she’s already changed our world. So in love.” This post confirmed that the baby was not born on September 23, leading fans to wonder the date the baby was born.

Fans have reacted very positively to the news, congratulating the couple, and some saying they are glad the couple waited to share their news and spent time with their daughter before letting the world know.

Zayn and Gigi have not said anything else about their daughter since the original posts of her hand, leaving speculation about how they will decide to go about the life of their daughter in the public eye.

Will the couple release their child's name to the public? Will they allow photos of her to be released or posted to social media? Fans around the world are waiting for news on what the new celebrity will decide.

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