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  • Busra Yildirim, reporter

Ace's Art Exhibition: Joanne Vo's “Sunday Brunch”

Joanne Vo, jr.- “Sunday Brunch”

Acrylic Paint

“The process of this art piece started off with me researching Monet's art style. His method of impressionism immediately took my interest. After finding inspiration from my surroundings, I sketched out the main parts. Since there was no need for straight or strict lines with this artwork, I began adding random blocks and spots of color with acrylics. After the first layer of paint dried, I started to add more colors on top. I repeated this step over and over, creating multiple layers. The next step was to add the highlights with white acrylic. Lastly, the final touch was covering the entire canvas with an overcoat gloss. That was mainly the whole process, it was a lot of going with the flow and painting what felt right.”

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