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  • Brianna Cisneros, reporter

Ellen Degeneres Scandal

During the last few months, there have been some rumors surrounding The Ellen Degeneres Show. There have been stories spreading on Ellen’s treatment of her employees and about her fake personality.

According to Insider, there have been multiple former employees that have accused her of being ‘rude and cold’. One woman said that Ellen would pick a different person everyday to bully. After every show, she tells her audience to "be kind," however this saying is very different from what she reportedly actually follows.

On air, the comedy talk show host seems kind and friendly, but other people have said that she is very different when the curtain is closed.

“I can’t believe more people don’t know about this,” Raul Hernandez, jr., said. “I would have never thought that someone like her could treat people with such disrespect.”

Social media influencers including Nikkie from "Nikkie Tutorials" have also talked about how Ellen treats people poorly. Nikkie shares on her platform that Ellen was not even letting her use the bathroom. On her social media, Nikkie claims that she did not have a pleasant time on The Ellen Show.

A recent twitter thread was started by Kevin Porter, a podcaster. The thread was sharing all of the things that Ellen has said or done that have gone under the radar. There were thousands of Tweets compiled from restaurant employees to other people in Hollywood.

A waitress at a vegan restaurant in LA recently spoke out to The New York Post about her experience serving Ellen and her wife. The waitress, Chris Farah, claimed that after the couple left the owner came up to her. Ellen had complained to the owner about Farah’s chipped nail polish.

A former associate producer reached out to The Post to tell them how she saw Ellen. The former associate producer claimed that Ellen was out of touch with the real world because she lived in such a privileged bubble.

The show has not been put on pause, but some people are refusing to buy tickets or even watch the show on television. Some of her audience is starting to realize that her persona on television could be just a front.

“I just get angry that wealthy people like her aren’t questioned for their character more often,” Hernandez said.

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