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  • Brianna Cisneros, reporter

Babies Booming

Social media has been booming with drama surrounding celebrity life recently. More specifically, a few of the new A-list celebrity baby news has been revealed. Both Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have had exciting news recently revealed on social media.

Kylie Jenner first revealed her son’s birth on February 6, 2022. She posted a photo of her son’s hand in black and white. Jenner posted this photo on Instagram and it quickly gained traction. The photo has received more than 20 million likes, even though it only reveals the baby’s hand.

Kylie Jenner revealed her son’s name to the public on her social media. On February 11, Jenner posted on her Instagram story with just a black slide. On the black screen were the words, “Wolf Webster” in white lettering with a heart emoji next to it.

It was surprising when Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s son revealed the name, because a lot of people predicted it wrong. Rumors were spreading on TikTok that the name would be Valentine. Revealing the news on Instagram has become a reoccurring way for Jenner to share the news.

Kylie Jenner is not the only celebrity that has recently had a baby. Rihanna has also recently revealed news surrounding her pregnancy.

Rihanna broke the internet when she revealed pictures published by People. These pictures displayed her baby bump alongside her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky. This photoshoot confirmed many suspicions of the public. Rihanna’s fanbase is excited for her and waiting in anticipation for the birth and reveal of the baby.

Many of Rihanna’s fans are curious to the style of parenting Rihanna will impose on her future baby. Some celebrities embrace the popularity of their children, while others prefer to keep their children more sheltered from the media. Ultimately, both fan bases are looking forward to what the future holds for both of these celebrity’s children.

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